Young Social Media Influencers Peddling Junk Food New Study Finds.

Kid influencers are YouTube, according to a new study, are basically just marketing junk food and sugary drinks to their peers and at a rate of billions of page views.

The study shows how advertisers are taking full advantage of new marketing roads to get to children and young people. The authors of the study warn that parents and guardians should view all social media influencers with concern, even if they seem kid-friendly and educational.

The researchers studied the videos posted by 2019’s top five most watched kid influencers on YouTube. The influencers themselves ranged from 3 years old to 14. Researchers recorded data like how long the influencer spent on an activity like playing with a toy or consuming food like a McDonald’s meal.

Researchers analyzed 418 videos and found that 179 of the videos featured food or drinks. 90% of those videos featured unhealthy and branded foods like a fast food meal. And that these videos have been viewed more than a billion times, raising concern over whether these videos are OK for children to watch.