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Workout Progress Indicators Besides Weight Loss

What do we do when we are feeling pretty good, happy with the progress we make working out and eating well, but don’t see any results in loss of pounds?

When establishing a new routine its good to remember that its common to look at a scale and not see much progress. However, there are other ways to know our efforts are having an impact.

First even if it isn’t detected on the scale, check to see if your pants fit a little less tight. Depending on your workout routine it is common for pants to fit looser when losing weight but gaining muscle. Both cardio and core exercises are recommended. Remember that gaining muscle and loosing fat doesn’t always equal shedding pounds.

You may also feel increased energy levels. Some research suggests aerobic type exercise can relieve some symptoms of depression. This comes from the endorphins released while working out.

You may also noticed increased endurance. Over time you may find it easier and quicker to get through your usual exercise routine.

Lastly, after working out you may crave sugary foods as much. Exercise releases serotonin from the brain. We may view sugary foods as a reward. But because serotonin is a mood-enhancer you may no longer crave the sugar after getting the reward of serotonin from exercising.


The Health Benefits of “Souping”

Have you heard of souping? If not the basic principle is pretty easy—essentially you eat soup often for health benefits. It is a cousin of juicing, except you are getting more fiber since you aren’t ingesting just the liquid parts of the vegetables. It is also a good way to help get in your eight glasses of water a day.

One might eat soup only, one might always have a soup appetizer, or one might have soup for one or two meals a day. With pureed veggies it is possible to consume more vegetables in a sitting. Many American diets lack enough plant-based proteins.

The average person doesn’t have anything to worry about if they choose to eat a lot of soup. However, those with heart disease, diabetes or kidney issues may want to steer clear of souping. Restricting calories may cause shifts in blood sugar or electrolytes that could complicate these conditions. If you are unsure it is best to consult with a physician before making any kind of extreme diet change.

An extreme soup fast will help kick start weight loss and healthy eating but men and women should still consume 1,500 and 1,200 calories respectively. It isn’t recommended that anyone do this for more than five days in a row.

Adding soup as an appetizer or eating soup as a meal should be OK for most people to continue long term to aid in healthier eating.

With any kind of extreme change in diet it is always best to check with your doctor first.

Renaissance Periodization (RP)

RP is a program that integrates diet with training. They sell products like “training templates” and “diet templates”. These templates allow you see your personalized program. They ask for your weight within the pound and gender and then you can purchase them for about $109.

They have a fair number of RP Diet Templates such as the original one, a simplified one, even a vegan one. They have books as well. The costliest program is a 3-month Partner Program Diet Plan which runs $1,050.00 for you and a friend or partner that includes one-on-one coaching. The training templates are Excel Spread Sheets for you to fill in. They are customized to your goals and program.

The simplified program has more flexibility with meal times and less measuring. It is more styled toward weight loss while the original program is geared toward athletic performance. The Original program will tell you what to eat and give specific times to eat.

Clean House for Weight Loss

So you know those dust bunnies you might have hanging around? Did you know they can actually increase your fat gain? A study was done and found that there are Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) that can act like estrogen. In some studies, they call this “obesogens” as they contribute to obesity.

The EDCs are ingested, absorbed, or inhaled. The EPA estimates children may consume 50mg of house dust per day. They found as little as 3 micrograms can cause measurable effects.

Time for Spring cleaning!

Read the full study here.

New Years’ Resolutions

So it’s that time again when people are making new resolutions for the coming year. Maybe it’s to join a gym or be more active or eat healthier. Whatever your goals may be, make them realistic. Don’t expect to be fit/more buff/weigh less all at once. It takes time to reach the goals.

Break down your goals into more manageable parts. Instead of saying you need to lose 20-30-40 pounds this year, make it 2-3-4 pounds a month. Or even 1/2 or 1 pound a week.

Eating healthier can be daunting. Start with small steps. Add more vegetables or fruit. Eat healthier snacks – instead of grabbing for chips, get some carrots or celery sticks or low fat yogurt. Spend a little time on the weekends getting your snacks ready for the week so you can just grab and go. Start drinking more water. Try drinking a full glass of water before meals to help curb your appetite. Eat out less often.

Don’t join an expensive gym unless you plan to schedule it in your calendar and go. More people join a gym on the first of the year only to be gone by mid-February. Gyms are happy but your purse isn’t. And some gyms make it rather difficult to get a refund. There is one gym that only lets you cancel your three year contract if you move more than 25 miles away, die, or are permanently physically disabled. Period. So be aware of what you are signing. On the other hand, maybe you need the payment of a gym membership to motivate you to keep going.

Get some new workout gear. Make yourself look better while trying to get healthier. Forgive yourself if you have a setback. Think outside the box. Maybe you don’t want to work out first thing in the morning but can hop on your treadmill after dinner. Instead of sitting and watching TV, walk and watch TV.

Whatever your goals are, start planning some strategies to attain them now.

Have a healthy and prosperous New Year and New You!