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Walking: treadmill vs outside

Have you ever thought of the difference between walking on a treadmill vs walking outside? The Victor crew wanted to find out something about this. Here are some thoughts we came up with:


Walking outside:
offers natural inclines
you walk with a more natural gait
can potentially burn more calories
fresh air / sun
look at beauty all around you

Treadmill walking:
you can walk in any weather
you can set the treadmill to a faster pace and/or incline
control the warmup and slowdown easier
rely on indoor entertainment: tv, book, iPod
no excuse not to walk
can be safer if you are in a shadier neighborhood


Walking outside:
weather conditions
stopping for traffic
can’t stop for restroom break as easily
easier to find excuse not to walk (too hot, too dark, too wet)

Treadmill walking:

Fitness tips to start exercising

The Victor crew wants to share an article about “how to start an exercise program” from the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

First off, they start by telling you to get the “OK” by your health provider. They will most likely know your limitations.

They suggest you chose activities you enjoy and to vary them. This helps keep you from burning out.

Start slow. Smaller amounts of time; less reps. If you are inactive, try five minutes twice a day and slowly increase the time.

Rate the intensity and up it as you go. (0=low, sitting; 10=highest level possible). With moderate activities you can talk but not sing (5-6) like walking briskly or slower biker, gardening, ballroom dancing. More vigorous activities, 7-8, you can only speak a few words, like jogging, race-walking, tennis.

Add resistance or weight training to strengthen muscles, build up you bones, and increase metabolism.

Plan ahead by looking at your schedule each week and write in where you will fit in your exercise. Don’t break your date with yourself.

Keep track of your progress. You can do this with charts, activity logs, or even your fitness tracker.

Ditch the “all-or-nothing” mentality. If you mess up one day, don’t mess up for the whole week. Pick yourself up and get going!

Fitness for our pets too

Not only are we needing to be fit, but so are our pets. You can accomplish this together!

Take your pet for longer walks. Have some short bursts of jogging while walking. Of course there will be a lot of sniffing too! Some cities offer dog parks. Make sure to have those little baggies with too – you never know when nature calls.

Bring along a frisbee or ball. What dog doesn’t like to play fetch?

Use a park bench – have your dog jump up on it, crawl under it, or go around it.

Don’t forget to warm up or cool down before and after your workout.

Steve Victor

Moov Fitness Tracker Revisited

Last year we told about the Moov fitness tracker that was supposed to come out last summer. Well it has. Let’s explore it a little more now that it has almost a year’s maturity behind it.

It has more than programs with 200 levels and variations with more to come.

Walk and Run
Moov will follow your stride and keep track of it. It will tell if you need to land softer, increase your cadence (determined by your height, weight, leg and stride length, running ability.) Program can include brisk walking, running efficiency, sprint intervals, and speed endurance. It becomes your coach.

Yes, Moov is waterproof. It will keep track of your stroke, your laps, time for your turn-arounds,

Cardio Boxing
Helps improve hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Different levels for where you are in boxing. Follow along with video training.

7 minute+ workout
Real time coaching while you do your planks, crunches, lunges, or other exercises. Moov will keep track of your reps so you don’t have to.

Download the apps. They will have one for cycling soon. Let Moov be your personal trainer. If you pre-ordered them last year they were $59.95. Now they will cost you $79 for one or $138 for two. Three or more will cost $69 each. They come with a 1 Moov disc, 1 charger, 1 wrist band, and 1 ankle band.

A daily 20-minute walk can be lifesaving

There was a new study by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that compared physical activity and abdominal adiposity (fatness) and their associations to each other. They used BMI (body mass index), PA (physical activity), WC (waist circumference), height, and weight to figure out mortality rates.

They found that all-cause mortality was reduced by 16-30% by those moderately inactive as opposed to inactive. They found that just 20 minutes of walking daily can improve mortality. So – get up and move even if just for 20 minutes!

Steve Victor