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Fusion Health and Vitality Supplement Recall

The FDA has posted a recall notice for two dietary supplements. Fusion Health and Vitality LLC reported that all of its 2020 Core Essential Nutrients and Immune Boost Sublingual Vitamin D3 are subject to recall for different reasons.

Fusion Health and Vitality’s Core Essential Nutrients supplement, according to the company, contains an unapproved food additive called hordenine HCl. Hordenine HCl, as per the recall notice, might be unsafe when taken by mouth. It may have stimulant like side effects like rapid heart rate or high blood pressure.

Fusion Health and Vitality’s Immune Boost Sublingual Vitamin D3 is being recalled due to a labeling mistake. According to the recall the Immune Boost Sublingual Vitamin D3 supplement’s labels were found to have statements which caused them to not be approved by the FDA. No adverse reactions are known due to this issue.

“Fusion Health and Vitality is notifying its customers by email and is arranging for return of all recalled products,” the company said. “Consumers that have product which is being recalled should stop using it and return it to Fusion Health and Vitality for destruction.”



Who doesn’t like pineapple? I’ve recently seen some videos on twitter that shows someone peeling off the pineapple fruits in pieces from the whole pineapple. It looked really cool to see it taken apart that day. What would make it easier is the ripeness of the pineapple. Also it was suggested that maybe the each segment was loosened ahead of time by using a small knife to outline the segments.

The Victor crew found this video that shows three different ways to peel a pineapple.

We also found another video that talks about the health benefits of pineapple and pineapple juice. You can even use the outer rind to make juice!


The gallbladder is a small organ that we don’t think about until something goes wrong. It is where bile is stored until it is needed. The gallbladder delivers the bile to the small intestine where it breaks down fats. You can get along without it but it you then have to be careful of what you eat. You will have to back off on fats, mostly. It also helps vitamins and nutrients to absorb into your bloodstream.

When your gallbladder has problems, you can experience different symptoms. The most common is pain. It can come on quickly, especially after eating a fatty meal, but it can go just as quickly as if it never was there. You can also experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, chills, fever, and jaundice. The most common problems are gallstones or inflammation.

If you need to have surgery to remove it, it is called a cholecystectomy. Usually you can have it removed laparoscopically which is less invasive. The recovery time is a week or two before resuming regular activities.


Nectarines are just hairless peaches, right? Well, kinda. Since the Victor crew wrote about peaches last week, we thought we’d look a little bit at nectarines this week. Some people wrongly think that nectarines are peaches that have been cross-bred with plums. What has been found is there is a recessive allele that causes the main difference to be the fuzz. Nectarines have also been found on some peach trees as a bud sport – a morphological difference on a tree or plant.

Just like their cousin the peach, they can be white or yellow, or clingstone or freestone. Their skin is more easily bruised than peaches due to the lack of fuzz.

Nectarines are about 40 calories per 100 grams. They contain Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C, E, K as well as potassium, magnesium, calcium, folate, and choline. They provide 1.5g dietary fiber. They can be easily substituted for peaches in many recipes.


The Yolk’s on You!

Time (time.com) had an article asking the question, “Are Egg Yolks Unhealthy?” This provoked the Victor crew to find out more about this. Here are some highlights from the article:

The yolks have the bulk of an eggs iron, folate, vitamins, and minerals. The downside: eggs yolks are a source of cholesterol. This is why we have things like Egg-Beaters out there, and why egg white omelets are a thing. But here’s the rub: dietary cholesterol does not translate into high levels of blood cholesterol. Current data does not justify eschewing eggs.

Eggs seemed to be vilified for so long, it is a relief to be able to eat them every day if you so choose. You shouldn’t eat five eggs in an omelet, just as too much of any one food is not as healthy, but feel free to eat them. The only questions that some data show is that high egg consumption by those with type 2 diabetes may have a higher risk of coronary heart disease.

You Asked: Are Egg Yolks Unhealthy?