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New Dietary Guidelines from the USDA and DHHS.

The USDA and the DHHS have issued new dietary guidelines for Americans. And, for the first time, they include guidelines for babies and toddlers.

These new guidelines are more than just suggestions for healthy eating by our government. The health care industry and law makers will use the guidelines in their work. At the federal and state level the guidelines will dictate much of what Americans of all ages will eat over the next five years and will be the basis of federal nutrition programs.

The guidelines state that their goals included “customizing and enjoy nutrient-dense food and beverage choices to reflect personal preferences, cultural traditions, and budgetary considerations” and “meeting food group needs with nutrient-dense foods and beverages and stay within calorie limits.”

Many have noted that the guidelines glaringly lack any quantitative recommendations on alcohol or sugar intake.

Another highlight included suggestions on added sugar in babies’ and toddlers’ diets. While the amount of added sugar remained at 10% of daily calories the guidelines did suggest that for children under 2 years old, they consume no added sugars what so ever.


Don’t always trust what you see

The Victor crew was going to investigate some information about corn. So we went to Google. We entered “calories in corn” and look what popped up:



So what happened? Can corn really be that high in calories? We thought not so we further investigated. Under the Google box, it shows “Sources include: USDA.” So we clicked the link and sure enough that’s what it said. So we downloaded the printable pdf to look a little closer.

We’ve attached 2 pdfs. One is for the yellow corn link and the other for the white corn. The yellow corn says “Corn grain, yellow” and the white says “Corn, sweet, white, raw”. So it seems the yellow one is talking about a grain – meaning most likely a dry flour or meal.

Corn grain report

White corn report

Hopefully that will allay any fears about eating corn. We will talk more about corn in the future.