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Superbowl Sunday

This weekend is another Superbowl weekend. What will that do for your diet? You just made it through the holidays. Maybe you committed to more exercise and joined a gym. Are you keeping up with it or after a few weeks are you faltering? Then comes the Superbowl. It doesn’t have to get in the way of your goals. The Victor crew wants to help and so we searched for ways you can stay on track.

Here are some ideas:
Instead of frying those chicken wings, try baking or grilling them
Replace fries with baked zucchini or eggplant sticks
Make sliders instead of full-size burgers
Make a lower calorie chili using ground turkey or chicken
Serve hummus and light crackers or vegetables
Make a yogurt dip for fruit slices
If you have the taste for it, make kale chips
Roast some spiced chick peas – sweet or savory
Serve a vegetable pizza on whole wheat and lighten up on the cheese

Whatever you decide to have, try to incorporate vegetables. Eat slowly, you may feel full before you down too much. Remember beverages can have a lot of calories also.