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Young Social Media Influencers Peddling Junk Food New Study Finds.

Kid influencers are YouTube, according to a new study, are basically just marketing junk food and sugary drinks to their peers and at a rate of billions of page views.

The study shows how advertisers are taking full advantage of new marketing roads to get to children and young people. The authors of the study warn that parents and guardians should view all social media influencers with concern, even if they seem kid-friendly and educational.

The researchers studied the videos posted by 2019’s top five most watched kid influencers on YouTube. The influencers themselves ranged from 3 years old to 14. Researchers recorded data like how long the influencer spent on an activity like playing with a toy or consuming food like a McDonald’s meal.

Researchers analyzed 418 videos and found that 179 of the videos featured food or drinks. 90% of those videos featured unhealthy and branded foods like a fast food meal. And that these videos have been viewed more than a billion times, raising concern over whether these videos are OK for children to watch.



The One Long-Term Detox Some Health Experts Recommend

Detoxes, fasting, juicing, cleansing—all popular diet trends people take up to lose weight or otherwise improve their health. These are all temporary measures meant to kick-off a healthier lifestyle and not intended as long-term solutions.

However, there is one detox that is considered sustainable by some experts—a sugar detox. Permanent abstinence from sugar can help people lose weight, generally improve their health and perhaps even create more radiant skin.

People can have a real dependency on sugar. When we consume sugar we get “feel good” chemicals from our brain. Some experts even believe a percentage of the population have a real addiction to sugar because of this reward response in the brain.

The problem with sugar isn’t so much cake, cookies and ice cream but all the hidden sugar in everyday foods we eat. Salad dressing, breads, and pre-made sauces of all kinds can have quite a bit of sugar that we can’t even taste because we are so used to consuming it.
Detoxing from sugar has the benefit of readjusting our sense of taste allowing us to enjoy natural sugars which will help stay our cravings for things that are loaded with it in the future.

If you are wanting to try a sugar detox you are going to have to start reading labels. In the beginning though you may even want to cut out fruit and higher sugar vegetables.

As always, it is recommended that even a an average, healthy person check with their doctor before trying an kind of “extreme” diet change.

Sugars and Added Sugars

So what is the difference between sugar and added sugar? I’ve noticed food labels giving total sugar and added sugar listings lately and wondered what was up with that. According to the government site, fda.gov, manufacturers had until January 1, 2020 to switch to the new label outlining sugars and added sugars. Smaller manufacturers have until January 1, 2021 to comply so you may not see it on all labels.

You will see a listing now of “Total Sugars” with a gram count and under it will say “includes [number]g Added Sugars” under it. In addition to these changes, the calories are in larger type and serving sizes are updated. This has been in the works since May 2016.

The old label was over 20 years old. Products such as honey and syrup will most likely not have “added sugars” per se, but you will see an added percentage of a daily total one serving is. Vitamin D will be added to the label but Vitamins A and C are not required to be on the labels any longer. Servings sizes may look different as well. For instance, if ice cream serving was previously 1/2 cup, it may show 1 cup now but the calories will reflect that change as well per serving.

Comparison of labels side by side

Hints for Changing up Christmas Baking

If you are looking to reduce and have all sorts of temptations around, there are some things you can do to lighten your recipes.

Consider cutting fats in half by substituting with unsweetened applesauce.

Try using less sugar, you most likely won’t miss it, and many recipes will still work.

Substitute some of the sugar with stevia.

Look for alternative recipes – like these for brownies: 5-minute Espresso Walnut Brownies

Search the Internet for healthier options

Search Pinterest for lower fat/sugar baking recipes.

If you go to a party, bring something you made that you know will be a healthier option. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find some converts.

Incorporate ingredients like nuts or dried fruits to make it healthier.

Substitute whole wheat pastry flour for some of the all-purpose flour.

Quitting Sugar

How do you quit sugar? These are some things that work against you: your brain, environment, habits, gut, and friends.

Brain: Sugar is addictive so you are tolerant and then you want more. Eating sugar causes your brain not to know it is full. It also keeps you feeling tired and lethargic. You need to get rid of the mindset that sugar gives you pleasure and that quitting will deprive you.

Environment: This applies to ads you see and the grocery stores. You will need to ignore these. Just seeing foods can make you think you are hungry. Understand the environment you are in and how it can affect your cravings.

Habits: Everyday routines becomes a habit. Your brain tries to conserve effort and you run on autopilot. Don’t eat without being aware of what you are doing. Along with environment, if you live in areas where food is nostalgic or if the area is known for certain unhealthy items, like Philly cheesesteaks, or beignets in NOLA. Don’t react to advertising.

Gut: Sugar contributes to leaky gut. Sugar can alter the microbe proportions in your gut. Fermented foods, prebiotics, and probiotics can be helpful.

Friends: Friends and family can be enablers. To get something sweet, go to fruit.

Restricting processed foods is the key to to stopping sugar.