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Massive New Study Finds Workplaces Can Help Employees Make Better Food Choices

As many of us go back to work in person it may become harder to avoid those sugary, fatty foods that are easier to escue at home.

Office lunchrooms have snack tables filled with treats from friendly coworkers, not to mention the vending machines filled with highly processed junk foods.  Even workplaces with cafes often offer things like burgers and pizza among healthier options.

What happens when an employer offers less unhealthy options and smaller portion sizes? A new study looked at just that scenario.

The new randomized trial found that when employers do this their workers pick foods and beverages with fewer calories.

The study suggests that making fairly simple changes to menus in workplaces and other cafeterias could make a significant impact on the world’s obesity problem.

In a massive study, the University of Cambridge collected data from 19 workplace cafes that changed the both the type and amounts of foods they sold to 20,000 manual laborers over a six-month time period.

Changes included replacing things like cheeseburgers with something like a grilled chicken sandwich. When higher calorie items were left on menus, cafes reduced the portion size by 14%. For example, they might serve fewer fries in a high calorie meal.

These changes equated to about 12% less calories sold to employees and employees saving about 50 calories a day.







Delicious, Stress Reducing Snacks and Meals

For one reason or another it is probably a good bet that any given American is probably still feeling extra stress. Here are some foods that provide nutrients to help reduce that stress. Not only that, enjoy one of these meals in your ideal conditions during an hour or so dinner with your family or partner could add to that stress reduction. Take some time away and enjoy a delicious meal with someone you love. Or take a meditative moment to yourself and concentrate on flavors of new snack or lunch.

Potato chips and other crunchy snacks can be replaced with apple slices. The satisfying crunch can release stress.

A paella of clams and mussels is a major such of B-12 which will even your mood.

A desert of fresh sliced kiwi dipped in dark chocolate would further improve one’s mood with a boost of vitamin C.

Grilled salmon can be a great source for your omega-3 fatty acids, which are well known to reduce stress.

Green peas in an omelet can turn your favorite egg dish into serotonin production booster.

Yogurt’s probiotics can help reduce levels of cortisol. Add berries for vitamin C

Matcha tea in particular contains the relaxing theanine.




PepsiCo and Beyond Meat Team Up For Plant-Based Protein Snack Venture

New comer Beyond Meat and PepsiCo are coming together to create and distribute snacks and beverages that are made with plant-based proteins to ride the popularity of the “plant-based” fad.

Beyond Meat is already well known for their pork and beef alternative meats will now have the power of PepsiCo’s world-wide marketing and distribution. The company will be able to now bring new products more efficiently and quickly.

No financial terms were discussed, however, Beyond Meat made mention of possible expansions into the UK and or China.

For PepsiCo, taking on Beyond Meat is an easy way to get into the plant-based protein game.

Other companies like PepsiCo have recently entered into this market through acquisition and new products. Nestle’, for example, bought Sweat Earth, the vegetarian food maker, in 2017. Another familiar face, Kellogg sells its own plant-based meat through the brand Incogmeato.

As others, PepsiCo sees the acquisition of or partnering with already popular brands as the pat of least resistance when entering new markets. PepsiCo, for example, also partnered with Starbucks to get into he the ready to drink coffee beverage market.


The French Paradox

The Victor crew found an article on Eat This, Not That! that talks about how the French eat and stay slim even though their food is rich. Some say it’s their wine, some say it’s their long, slow meals, others their lack of snacking.

French tend to have just their coffee for breakfast. Lunch is usually a large, long meal eaten mid-day. It’s not uncommon to spend one to two hours for lunch, enjoyed in restaurants with friends or colleagues. Dinner is usually smaller. Their meals generally consist of an appetizer (like a salad), an entree, cheese, and dessert. Dessert is usually yogurt (not their many French pastries).

Between meal snacking is not usually done. They do give children a snack around 4:00 to hold them over until their typically 8:00p dinner. Snacks may need to be used by some to keep their blood sugar stable. The intermittent fasting through dinner helps consume fewer calories each day. If you do snack, try to have fruits, vegetables, or some kind of protein like yogurt or hummus.

Superbowl Sunday

This weekend is another Superbowl weekend. What will that do for your diet? You just made it through the holidays. Maybe you committed to more exercise and joined a gym. Are you keeping up with it or after a few weeks are you faltering? Then comes the Superbowl. It doesn’t have to get in the way of your goals. The Victor crew wants to help and so we searched for ways you can stay on track.

Here are some ideas:
Instead of frying those chicken wings, try baking or grilling them
Replace fries with baked zucchini or eggplant sticks
Make sliders instead of full-size burgers
Make a lower calorie chili using ground turkey or chicken
Serve hummus and light crackers or vegetables
Make a yogurt dip for fruit slices
If you have the taste for it, make kale chips
Roast some spiced chick peas – sweet or savory
Serve a vegetable pizza on whole wheat and lighten up on the cheese

Whatever you decide to have, try to incorporate vegetables. Eat slowly, you may feel full before you down too much. Remember beverages can have a lot of calories also.