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Do Something Different Food-Wise This New Year’s Day

This New Year’s Day perhaps instead of worrying over a heavy, meat and cabbage-based meal (or whatever your tradition is) something else all around easier and lighter or just plain different might be in order.

A simple brunch that is protein heavy and carb-light could be one idea. Eggs, a protein, fruit, a slice of light toast with a glass of orange juice mixed with sparkling water.

If you want to go an easier but heavier route, prepare a breakfast casserole the night before (besides the baking, of course) and pop that fella in the oven sometime late morning on New Years Day.

Charcuterie boards are popular these days and will allow everyone to graze at their leisure. You might include a signature beverage and a full fruit plate. Something like fruit nectar with sparkling water with frozen fruit as ice could be an option.

If you want bread and grease, something that might be fun for a family looking for an activity on New Years Day would be to create homemade pizzas. One can prepare ingredients the night before, so prep is minimal on New Years Day.

Similarly, preparing heavy appetizers to be cooked or finished the next day would be an easy way to go and allow people to graze and their leisure.