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New Years’ Resolutions

So it’s that time again when people are making new resolutions for the coming year. Maybe it’s to join a gym or be more active or eat healthier. Whatever your goals may be, make them realistic. Don’t expect to be fit/more buff/weigh less all at once. It takes time to reach the goals.

Break down your goals into more manageable parts. Instead of saying you need to lose 20-30-40 pounds this year, make it 2-3-4 pounds a month. Or even 1/2 or 1 pound a week.

Eating healthier can be daunting. Start with small steps. Add more vegetables or fruit. Eat healthier snacks – instead of grabbing for chips, get some carrots or celery sticks or low fat yogurt. Spend a little time on the weekends getting your snacks ready for the week so you can just grab and go. Start drinking more water. Try drinking a full glass of water before meals to help curb your appetite. Eat out less often.

Don’t join an expensive gym unless you plan to schedule it in your calendar and go. More people join a gym on the first of the year only to be gone by mid-February. Gyms are happy but your purse isn’t. And some gyms make it rather difficult to get a refund. There is one gym that only lets you cancel your three year contract if you move more than 25 miles away, die, or are permanently physically disabled. Period. So be aware of what you are signing. On the other hand, maybe you need the payment of a gym membership to motivate you to keep going.

Get some new workout gear. Make yourself look better while trying to get healthier. Forgive yourself if you have a setback. Think outside the box. Maybe you don’t want to work out first thing in the morning but can hop on your treadmill after dinner. Instead of sitting and watching TV, walk and watch TV.

Whatever your goals are, start planning some strategies to attain them now.

Have a healthy and prosperous New Year and New You!

Your New Year Resolutions part 2

Last week the Victor crew talked about New Year resolutions and the statistics and trends of them. Perhaps we make New Year resolutions right after the holidays because of all the holiday indulgence or over-indulgence. We treat January like a clean slate to get started again on getting healthy.

But sometimes we need more to motivate us to lose the weight or get healthy. A U.S. News and World Report article suggests is your mind that will actually change you. We get up in the morning and there isn’t very much to motivate you to start exercising in and of itself. You really don’t want to sometimes but then find that after you did, you feel better and are more energetic. You need to be ready to handle the stress involved with trying to lose weight and get fit.

So what is the answer? The article suggests self-discipline. You can build it up by endurance. You need to develop it like a muscle. Here are some of their suggestions:

Think small. Look at your habits and work on improving those one thing at a time.

Build self-trust. Make yourself a promise you know you can and will keep. Then keep it. Start small and build up as you go.

Invent challenges. Maybe tell yourself you’ll do such-and-such before moving on to another activity. Don’t procrastinate.

Cultivate optimism. Focus on positives. Try to find the up-side of things. Keep your self-talk positive as well.

Develop critical awareness. You don’t drive your car at night with the headlights off. You need to shed light on what you are doing. Don’t sabotage yourself with mind games.

Your New Year Resolutions

The Victor crew wanted to find out more about how many people keep their resolutions. You hear about all the people who join gyms right after the first of the year but how many people keep it up? According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, Lose weight is the top resolution for 2015. Staying fit and healthy comes in at number five.

Forty-five percent of Americans usually make New Year’s Resolutions and of these, 38% are weight related. Only 39% of those in their twenties achieve their resolutions while only 14% of those over fify do.

Gym memberships, or rather attendance seem to start to drop off by end of January into February. However, there seems to be a pickup again in March as people want to get their “beach bodies”.

Steve Victor