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Peas, Please!

The Victor crew wanted to find out more about peas. Sometimes these vegetables are considered a starch. We were curious why.

One cup of peas is 118 calories. They contain 7 grams of fiber and 8 grams sugar with total carbohydrate of 21 grams. They also have 8 grams protein. A peas is actually a seed and botanically it is a fruit. Split peas are peas that are peeled and dried.

Peas are generally boiled or steamed. If you use frozen peas, you can add them to salads if you just thaw them out. They do not need further cooking. Small peas are younger, sweeter, and more tender. If you have fresh peas, use them right away or freeze them as they do not last much longer than a couple days. You can also use them raw in salads.

The main types we see are snow peas, (sugar) snap peas, and garden peas.

Snow peas are used much in Chinese cooking and stir-fry well. The strings along the edges are usually removed before using. The entire pod is eaten.

Garden peas grow several in a pod and these firm pods are rmoved before eating. The pods are usually discarded but you can use them to make stock. If they get too large or old, they get mealy.

Snap peas are kind of a cross between garden peas and snow peas. The whole pod is eaten and they may be eaten raw or cooked. They have strings at the seams that also need to be removed just like the snow peas.

A popular pea salad in the south is to mix peas, hard boiled eggs, and mayonnaise. You can add onions, bacon bits, pimientos, or whatever else you want along with seasonings.


The latest figures from the CDC states that obesity was just over 36% in adults and 17% in youth. The numbers indicated that obesity is higher in women than men, but no difference among genders in youth. They also found that obesity was higher in middle-aged and older adults than in younger adults.

What got us to this place? Was it technology taking the place of physical activity? Sitting at a desk vs a job that keeps you on your feet? Was it driving cars vs walking? Perhaps it’s all the conveniences of fast food and restaurants vs cooking a healthy meal.

Steve Victor


Weight-loss begins in the kitchen

Having trouble losing the weight? Jody Victor‘s crew found some tips from Times of India for you to keep your kitchen in order to help you:

Clear your counters. Don’t keep food where you can always see it.
Buy a fruit bowl. If you must have food visible, make it fruit.
Invest in single-serving containers. When there are leftovers, portion them out to single servings so you aren’t tempted to eat all of it.
Get see-through jars. When you prep your food (like cutting up fruit or vegetables to nibble on) put them in clear containers so you can see them when you open your refrigerator.
Use your freezer more. Not sure when you will eat the leftovers? Put them in the freezer.
Put healthy eats at eye level. Make the stuff you want to grab right in front of you and the unhealthier things harder to reach.
Prepare fruits and other snacks in advance. As mentioned above, prep the fruits and veggies so you can make them easier to grab than something more calorie-dense.
Add non-food accessories to your kitchen. Make sure you have everything to prepare a good meal at home so you don’t have to go out.
Eat only in the kitchen. Don’t eat in other rooms while doing another activity. It can lead to mindless eating/snacking.
Get smaller plates and taller, narrower glasses. This will help with portion size.

~ Steve Victor

Ideas to eat healthy at work

My dad, Jody, has some ideas for eating healthy at work:

Make sure to eat a healthy breakfast. It will help curb hunger later.
Pack your lunches and snacks. That way you can control what you are eating through the day.
Plan your meals around your meetings. That way if you are faced with donuts or pastries during the meeting you won’t be tempted.
Find a buddy. It may be helpful if there is someone you can be accountable to.
Use the word “no” when offered something not on your plan.
Have some healthful snacks stashed in a drawer for emergencies.
Drink water if you feel the urge to go off your plan.
Know the menus of local restaurants in case there is a reason to go out for lunch.

Steve Victor

Let’s learn some more about AHEI

Last week we talked about the risk of the Western style diet and AHEI. What exactly is the Alternative Healthy Eating Index and where did it come from?

Well, Steve, it came from Harvard. Here is a picture of what it looks like. Harvard also offers 5 quick tips:

  1. Stay Active: keep physically active.
  2. Go with Plants: make half of your plate vegetable and fruit based.
  3. Pick helathy protein sources like fish and beans, not burgers and hot dogs: Limit red meat – beef, pork, or lamb – to twice/week or less.
  4. Make your grains whole grains: brown rice, whole wheat bread, whole grain pasta.
  5. Drink water, coffee, or tea – not sugary beverages – and drin alcohol in moderation, if at all: water is the best choice. Limit milk and dairy to 1-2 servings/day.

~ Jody Victor