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The Yolk’s on You!

Time (time.com) had an article asking the question, “Are Egg Yolks Unhealthy?” This provoked the Victor crew to find out more about this. Here are some highlights from the article:

The yolks have the bulk of an eggs iron, folate, vitamins, and minerals. The downside: eggs yolks are a source of cholesterol. This is why we have things like Egg-Beaters out there, and why egg white omelets are a thing. But here’s the rub: dietary cholesterol does not translate into high levels of blood cholesterol. Current data does not justify eschewing eggs.

Eggs seemed to be vilified for so long, it is a relief to be able to eat them every day if you so choose. You shouldn’t eat five eggs in an omelet, just as too much of any one food is not as healthy, but feel free to eat them. The only questions that some data show is that high egg consumption by those with type 2 diabetes may have a higher risk of coronary heart disease.

You Asked: Are Egg Yolks Unhealthy?

Your New Year Resolutions

The Victor crew wanted to find out more about how many people keep their resolutions. You hear about all the people who join gyms right after the first of the year but how many people keep it up? According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, Lose weight is the top resolution for 2015. Staying fit and healthy comes in at number five.

Forty-five percent of Americans usually make New Year’s Resolutions and of these, 38% are weight related. Only 39% of those in their twenties achieve their resolutions while only 14% of those over fify do.

Gym memberships, or rather attendance seem to start to drop off by end of January into February. However, there seems to be a pickup again in March as people want to get their “beach bodies”.

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Reasons to Get Fit and Stay Fit

If losing weight and looking better hasn’t been good enough reasons to stick to a workout plan, the Victor Crew found some more reasons from US News & World Report Health.

You’ll have more energy
You’ll have a better work-life balance
It will help prevent colds
You’ll live longer
You’ll sleep better
You’ll be in a better mood
You’ll turn back the clock
Your brain will get a boost
Your bones will be stronger
You’ll be able to get more done
It will strengthen your heart
You’ll be less stressed
You’ll gain more confidence
Your hormones will be more balanced

For more information:

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Using Twitter to track health issues

In the U.K., The Food Standards Agency (FSA) who is responsible for monitoring food safety and hygiene, is using Twitter to track food safety. How, you might wonder? They look for hashtags such as #barf, #sick, or #upsetstomach.

Maybe you yourself have written something like #sick after eating at restaurant, or just ate #barf. The FSA started tracking these to find outbreaks of norovirus and found a correlation between them. When they find some suspicious tweets in certain areas, they will report it to the NHS.

Norovirus is a contagious virus and usually produces nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. You can get it from an infected person, contaminated food, contaminated water, or touching contaminated surfaces.



Mental Health is Important Too!

It is important to keep ourselves mentally fit as well as physically fit. The Victor crew found some suggestions from LiveStrong.com.

Break your routine. They suggest trying new foods or try cooking a familiar food differently. Try a different route to your usual destinations like the store or church.

Tend and befriend. Volunteer your time to help others. It will make you feel better by releasing hormones that suppress anxiety. Here are a few suggestions: find a local school that may allow visitors to read to the children, volunteer at a local hospice either by visiting patients, or get a group together to knit or crochet some lap robes for patients or hats for needy school children, volunteer at your local food bank.

Get good sleep. Make sure you take care of yourself and don’t short yourself on sleep.

Take your time. Don’t rush into things and create more anxiety around you.

Dance. They say older adults who get regular physical exercise are 60% less likely to get dementia due to increased oxygen to the brain. Dancing can aid in learning and memory as well.

Eat for your brain. Get enough omega-3 fatty acids found in fatty fish like salmon or sardines. It’s also found in flaxseed and chia seeds.

Smile. It is suggested you can rewire your brain for a ‘higher happiness set point’ by smiling and visualizing happy moments.

Laugh a lot. This ‘internal jogging’ releases endorphins and dopamine by the brain to increase sense of pleasure. So laughter is the best medicine.

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