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More Healthy Eating Tips

Here are some more things to try to stay on track.

Add vegetables into your regular dishes. Try adding spinach or zucchini to pasta or peppers or other vegetables to tacos. Add spinach, peppers, and onions to omelets. Put a handful of baby spinach leaves in your sandwich.

Don’t be afraid to try fresh, frozen, and canned fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce in season is the best. Frozen would be second best option as there is nothing added. For canned vegetables be aware of the sodium content in them and choose the lower sodium option if you see them. For canned fruit, try fruits with no added sugar, packed in water, or packed with 100% juice (not syrup).

If you pack meals for others in your family, add some cut up fruits and veggies. Keep some fruits and veggies to use as snacks in your refrigerator.