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More Healthy Eating Tips

Here are some more things to try to stay on track.

Add vegetables into your regular dishes. Try adding spinach or zucchini to pasta or peppers or other vegetables to tacos. Add spinach, peppers, and onions to omelets. Put a handful of baby spinach leaves in your sandwich.

Don’t be afraid to try fresh, frozen, and canned fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce in season is the best. Frozen would be second best option as there is nothing added. For canned vegetables be aware of the sodium content in them and choose the lower sodium option if you see them. For canned fruit, try fruits with no added sugar, packed in water, or packed with 100% juice (not syrup).

If you pack meals for others in your family, add some cut up fruits and veggies. Keep some fruits and veggies to use as snacks in your refrigerator.

Eating Local

Ever think about eating local but don’t know how to go about finding what you need to know. Jody‘s crew found some sources to get you started.

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has a website with some resources. On this page you can see what is in season in your area at any given time. You can choose what produce you are looking for, or look at all produce, you can choose the time of year and the state you are in. If you click your state, you can see the full list of what is available throughout the year. You can also get tips if you click on the different types of produce for storage, shopping and nutrition.

Eat Local Grown‘s site lets you put in your city, state and search for places nearby with locally grown produce.

Finally, About.com has some pointers for getting started on eating local.

So why eat local? Because it will be fresher. When other farms ship to your grocer, it may already be weeks old. Local is much fresher. If you go to a farmer’s market, you can ask them first hand how fresh something is. Many grocer’s are now starting to offer locally grown food in a small section of their produce or meat departments. Think about what you eating.

~ Steve and Jody Victor