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Working out at … Kohl’s?

Kohl’s has taken on something to try to attract more customers. They have recently partnered with Planet Fitness. They are shrinking of their stores and experimentally leasing space to Planet Fitness. Previously, some of Kohl’s stores were partnered with supermarket chain Aldi as well.

The downside would be smaller inventory and fewer workers. In an effort to compete with Amazon, they are expanding their sights. They also partnered with WW (formerly Weight Watchers) to open a studio for diet coaching and workshops.

As brick and mortar stores are closing across the country, Kohl’s is trying to expand and future-proof their stores. So maybe as you work out and lose the weight, you’ll be shopping for new clothes!

Planet Fitness

Renaissance Periodization (RP)

RP is a program that integrates diet with training. They sell products like “training templates” and “diet templates”. These templates allow you see your personalized program. They ask for your weight within the pound and gender and then you can purchase them for about $109.

They have a fair number of RP Diet Templates such as the original one, a simplified one, even a vegan one. They have books as well. The costliest program is a 3-month Partner Program Diet Plan which runs $1,050.00 for you and a friend or partner that includes one-on-one coaching. The training templates are Excel Spread Sheets for you to fill in. They are customized to your goals and program.

The simplified program has more flexibility with meal times and less measuring. It is more styled toward weight loss while the original program is geared toward athletic performance. The Original program will tell you what to eat and give specific times to eat.

Want To Spice Up Your Fitness Routine?

Recently it has been determined that Lightsaber Dueling has been accepted by the French fencing body as a competitive sport. For all those Star Wars couch potatoes, here is a way to get fit and enjoy your passion!

There are many leagues all over the world competing in lightsaber. There are different styles and forms depending on what you want. In any case it looks like a good aerobic full body workout.

There are many places to learn and join in. Here are some sites you can check out.
The Saber Authority – located in Singapore
Saberation – offers different forms for Sport, Fitness, or Entertainment
Total Saber Fit – for rapid fat loss and muscle toning
Meetup – find a lightsaber group near you
Saber Legion – a world-wide saber club

You Should… or You Shouldn’t…

How often have we heard these words from people? “You should…eat more vegetables” or maybe “You shouldn’t…eat bread.” Sometimes words can get in our way of success. Well meaning people can sabotage our success especially when it comes to dieting or fitness.

There have been times when I thought I was doing pretty well only to have some well-meaning friend or acquaintance sabotage it completely. Once, I was feeling pretty good having lost 13 pounds only to be told it didn’t show. Another well meaning friend said, “Some people are just always going to be heavy.” This came right after completing goal weight in Weight Watchers. I guess being within the guidelines isn’t good enough for some people!

Sometimes we can’t help what others think or say. We can only help our response to it. Don’t let the turkeys get you down! Just go on and ignore the nay-sayers. Keep up the good work and stay the path.

It’s Hard to follow through

With your New Year’s resolutions, that is. Here are some more ideas the Victor crew found from MensHealth.com for trying to keep your resolutions for this year.

Schedule a competition. Wow – if you plan on a 5K run, you’ll have to train for it. Talk about motivation!

Take selfies. They suggest to do this instead of looking at the scale. Share your progress through pictures.

Set mini-goals monthly. Set up short-term marks to reach throughout the year. It helps to take change in smaller chunks.

Find a partner. It helps to be accountable to someone. Maybe it’s someone to workout with or someone to just offer support and report progress to.

Do an extreme workout. Sometime down the road after you have gotten comfortable with your routine, change it up with one extreme workout a month to make it more interesting – go rock climbing, hike up a mountain, go to a training facility that will help you mix it up.