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The Calorie Count Behind Some of Our Favorite Restaurant Meals

When eating out and looking at that menu some items might be deceiving in how many calories they contain while other dishes we know are high calorie can be even worse than we think. The numbers represented here are averages, many restaurants can now provide nutrition information on their meals by request.

A Buffalo Chicken Salad and other large “dinner sized” salads may seem like a healthier option but by the time the toppings like cheese, dressing and high fat or deep fried meat get added into the equation these salads can be over 1,000 calories.

At breakfast a simple serving of French Toast and Bacon can add up to almost 1,900 calories!

Chicken Fajitas are another tricky one that may seem like a healthier option at first glance but the average serving of the dish can have around 1,300 calories.

Personal sized pizza, especially a deep-dish pizza, is something almost no one would categorize as health food, however, they can come in at over 2,000 calories which is about as much as an average adult needs in one day.

A Club Sandwich may seem like a better option but if you eat the whole thing you could be looking at as many as 1,400 some calories and if it comes with a large portion of fries you can add another 1,400 calories on top of that which would put most adults over their recommended amount of calories for the day in a single meal.