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Now that summer is here, it is time to break out the sunscreen. But can you believe what you read on the label? That has come under scrutiny lately. As reported a couple weeks ago on Good Morning America, Consumer Reports has a guide for sunscreens and what have been tested.

The Victor crew wanted to find out how SPF (Sun Protection Factor) works. We found that if you skin normally burns after 10 minutes in the sun, if you apply an SPF of 15, you can stay out in the sun for about 150 minutes (15 times longer). To be on the safe side, reapply in 2 hours.

Consumer Reports tested 65 lotions, sprays, and sticks with SPF ratings of 30 or higher. Almost half (43%) performed lower than advertised. They are recommending using SPF 30 and for a family of 4 out in the sun for 4 hours, they recommend that you should be using a full 8-oz bottle in that time.

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Currently there is a class-action lawsuit against Banana Boat Sunscreen saying a bottle of kids’ lotion rated SPF 50 actually tested to be only 12.

How can you follow labels if they are wrong?

Recently, the Victor crew found that Consumer Reports analyzed some brands of Greek style yogurt. They found that the Whole Foods brand 365 Everyday Value fat free plain Greek yogurt has 11 grams of sugar. That’s more than 5 times the 2 grams that the label says it has. Most of the 27 yogurts tested listed 5-10 grams of sugar. Now 11 grams of sugar might not sound like a lot of sugar but the recommendation for female women is only 25 grams a day, that is almost half the daily allowance. It becomes even more crucial if you are a diabetic and need to keep the amount of sugar within certain limits.

We are told to read labels carefully to know what we are consuming, but how can we trust that the labels are correct? Unfortunately, we cannot depend on them totally.

By the way, Fage Total 2% Fat Greek Yogurt was rated the top plain yogurt in flavor.

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Heart-healthy tips for Valentine’s Day

From ConsumerReports.org comes some heart-healthy tips just in time for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Consider a home blood pressure monitor. If you already have high blood pressure, here are some tips to help lower it.
  2. Get the right cholesterol-lowering medication. Here are some tips for keeping your cholesterol in check.
  3. Know your heart age. You can use this online tool.
  4. Recognize a heart attack. Some things to watch for can be found here.
  5. Find a good heart surgeon. This would only apply if you already have heart disease. Best to be ready.