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App Assisted Quit Smoking Method Effective According to New Study

Many experts agree that when trying to quit smoking that avoiding your craving triggers doesn’t work but acknowledging and accepting them does.

Additionally, downloading an app which employs this approach could increase one’s odds of quitting, this according to a study found in JAMA Internal Medicine.

The authors of study claim that avoidance creates a paradox in which avoidance actually creates more of the feeling on is trying to avoid.

On the other hand, one problem with the tech assisted approach is the availability of technology itself. People trying to quit need a phone, a phone plan and an app (which may or may not be free). While for many of smartphones may feel ubiquitous many Americans below the poverty line do not possess a smartphone.

Even though smoking tobacco is now at a record low in the U.S. some 34 million Americans still smoke.

The researchers could not rely on simple data provided by the app companies so had to conduct their own study to generate more accurate data. They created a randomized clinical test in which smokers using two different apps were compared. They found that the app assisted acceptance to avoid cravings method was 50% more effective.


Logs for Life

Have you ever tried different types of trackers and found some don’t do what you want? Have you wanted to track something different but found it too difficult. There is a new app called Loggr that allows you to build your own life tracker. You can track fitness and health but you can also track blood sugar measurements if you are diabetic, you can track blood pressure, watering your plants, how many pages you’ve read plus a whole lot more.

This is a fairly simple to use app and you can track some basic things. You can add whatever you want to track. The app is free but for $3, you can unlock additional features to sync to Dropbox, import from Runkeeper or Moves, advanced statistics or personalize the app.

Steve Victor