Beyond Meat Teams Up with McDonald’s and Yum Brands

Beyond Meat—the new alternative, plant-based meat sensation—has cut deals with both McDonald’s and Yum Brands to bring plant-based meal options to more fast food chains.

New menu items will include things like McDonald’s McPlant burger as well as plant-protein chicken and pizza topping alternatives and possibly even taco fillings for Yum Brands franchises Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC.

After these announcements Beyond Meat stock shares rocketed by 8%.

McDonald’s stated that they paired with the company to explore egg, pork and chicken alternatives to give customers a wider range of choices at McDonald’s locations.  The McDonald’s deal is rally an expansion of the two companies’ partnership to create the McPlant from last year. McDonald’s tested similar sandwich with Beyond Meat in Canada in 2019.

Yum Brands is already known for their collaborations and signed up with Beyond Meat to trail plant-based chicken at KFC and a Beyond Italian Sausage Pizza at Pizza Hut.


New Study Suggests “Heavy but Healthy” is a Myth for Heart Health

A new study has examined the relationship between weight, physical activity, and cardiovascular health.

According to this new research regular exercise cannot offset negative effects of excess body weight on heart health. Giving pause to the idea that one can be heavy and completely healthy.

The study was published in the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology.

This new study contradicts previous studies which found that physical activity could help counter the effects of extra body weight on the heart. The study stated that being heavy but healthy equates approximately to being thin and unhealthy when it comes to the cardiovascular system.

The author of the study worries that recent prioritization of physical activity overweight loss is a dangerous road for many patients to go down. They believe their data shows that the opposite is true.

The study examined over fifty thousand Spanish adults and found that physical activity was important for everyone to maintain cardiovascular health but that weight is still a factor.

Two New CDC Studies Link Group Exercise to Covid Outbreaks

Two new studies suggests that wearing masks and taking other safety precautions are vital to stopping Covid-19 from spreading while engaged in indoor group exercise published by the CDC.

These two recent studies linked outbreaks of Covid-19 from this summer to indoor group exercise facilities in Honolulu and Chicago. In the study from Chicago an staggering 60% of patrons who attended fitness classes at certain facility from August 24-September 1tested positive for Covid-19. Another 7% of patrons reported Covid related symptoms during this time period.

Some precautions were in place at this facility, like temperature checks and symptom screen on entry. However, removal of masks was allowed during exercise according to the CDC report.

In the Honolulu incident 21 cases of Covid-19 were linked to a fitness instructor who tested positive for Covid-19 on July 1. Approximately two days before feeling related symptoms the fitness instructor held a yoga class for 27 people while wearing a mask. No cases were reported among these participants.

However, a few hours before the instructor felt the onset of symptoms, they led a stationary cycling class with 10 students. None of them wore masks. All of these participants later tested positive. This group included another instructor who was linked to additional cases.

The first report suggested that increased breathing during exercise in an enclosed space increases virus transmission. The CDC suggested gyms need to decrease class sizes and require physical distancing. However, the CDC still recommends mask wearing even with physical distancing to reduce virus transmission.



Delicious, Stress Reducing Snacks and Meals

For one reason or another it is probably a good bet that any given American is probably still feeling extra stress. Here are some foods that provide nutrients to help reduce that stress. Not only that, enjoy one of these meals in your ideal conditions during an hour or so dinner with your family or partner could add to that stress reduction. Take some time away and enjoy a delicious meal with someone you love. Or take a meditative moment to yourself and concentrate on flavors of new snack or lunch.

Potato chips and other crunchy snacks can be replaced with apple slices. The satisfying crunch can release stress.

A paella of clams and mussels is a major such of B-12 which will even your mood.

A desert of fresh sliced kiwi dipped in dark chocolate would further improve one’s mood with a boost of vitamin C.

Grilled salmon can be a great source for your omega-3 fatty acids, which are well known to reduce stress.

Green peas in an omelet can turn your favorite egg dish into serotonin production booster.

Yogurt’s probiotics can help reduce levels of cortisol. Add berries for vitamin C

Matcha tea in particular contains the relaxing theanine.




PepsiCo and Beyond Meat Team Up For Plant-Based Protein Snack Venture

New comer Beyond Meat and PepsiCo are coming together to create and distribute snacks and beverages that are made with plant-based proteins to ride the popularity of the “plant-based” fad.

Beyond Meat is already well known for their pork and beef alternative meats will now have the power of PepsiCo’s world-wide marketing and distribution. The company will be able to now bring new products more efficiently and quickly.

No financial terms were discussed, however, Beyond Meat made mention of possible expansions into the UK and or China.

For PepsiCo, taking on Beyond Meat is an easy way to get into the plant-based protein game.

Other companies like PepsiCo have recently entered into this market through acquisition and new products. Nestle’, for example, bought Sweat Earth, the vegetarian food maker, in 2017. Another familiar face, Kellogg sells its own plant-based meat through the brand Incogmeato.

As others, PepsiCo sees the acquisition of or partnering with already popular brands as the pat of least resistance when entering new markets. PepsiCo, for example, also partnered with Starbucks to get into he the ready to drink coffee beverage market.