Mental Health Break: Fat Bear Week is Back!

Amid anxiety about the pandemic and the coming election we could all use a break, a distraction. This is the one we all deserve. The so-called “Fat Bear Week” is back. This is an annual competition held by Alaska’s Katmai National Park. The goal? To crown the chubbiest bear in the Brook River.

This will be 7th annual Fat Bear Week. It is what some would call a full-on competition with chubby brown bears going tummy to tummy in bracketed tournament. The voting begins on 30 Sep. 2020. You can participate here .  The final winner will be picked on 6 Oct. 2020.

Newcomers to the competition should understand that for bears gaining weight before hibernation is very important for their health. The National Park Service stated there is no shame in winning this contest as those large amounts of body fat in brown bears is a sign of good health and having a strong chance of survival.

Alaskan Brown Bears are the world’s largest of the variety and usually weigh between 600-900 lbs. They are typically half their weight by the time the come out of hibernation in spring.