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Lighten up Your Holiday Fare

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. It doesn’t mean you have to forget the healthy eating. A few substitutions may help. Here are some ideas to help keep your holiday lower in calories.

Consider making it a 2-meal day. This way you don’t feel as guilty eating a little more than you normally do.

Try substituting turkey burgers for beef.

Make cole slaw with yogurt instead of mayo or heavy calorie laden dressings. Mix it up and use broccoli slaw instead. Yogurt Cole Slaw Recipe

Eat more vegetables. Consider grilling them too. You can also grill sweet potatoes in wedges.

Add a green salad.

Have fruit for dessert – consider grilling peaches or bananas.

Drink water or unsweetened tea.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday.


Filo, also phyllo, or philo is a very, very thin pastry dough. Thin breads would be baked with walnuts and honey as a precursor to baklava. Some say filo was first made by the Turks and some say the Greeks.

The dough itself is usually made from flour, water, and oil or vinegar. It is very difficult to make as it needs to be stretched and worked with long rollers and it tears easily. These days it is easier to buy it frozen. You need to work with it quickly.

One ounce is about 85 calories and contains about 1.7 grams fat. Although that may seem low, when you are working with it, you usually layer it with butter which can add significantly to the amount of fat.

Here are a couple recipes:

Apple Strudel:


Ever have trouble sleeping?

Trouble sleeping could come from anything be related to a number of things – what you eat, eating before bed, stress, acid reflux, too much on your mind. Too much caffeine may affect sleep habits as well.

If you eat too close to bedtime, it can cause acid reflux because there hasn’t been enough time to digest the food you’ve eaten. Some foods like tomato sauce and chocolate give trouble too since they are so acidic.

If you must eat at night, maybe try some oatmeal or something else that is bland and fulfilling.

About Garlic

Let’s talk about garlic. It can be pungent, it can be sweet. They grow in a bulb comprised of cloves. A bulb can contain about 10-20 cloves. It grows all overthe world. At one time, it was used mostly for medicinal uses.

There are many ways people prepare garlic. Peel off the cloves and remove the peel. Even that has a few different ways to accomplish it. You can just peel it off – sometimes it is difficult to remove them. One trick I like to use is to lightly smash it with a knife and sometimes it peels right off. Another way is to put the cloves between two a couple of bowls and or some kind of closed container and shake it.

After you have the peels removed from the cloves, you can do severalthings. Some people may put whole cloves in their dishes, you can slice them, mince them, crush them.

Garlic is healthy in many ways. It can help combat the common cold. A study found that it reduced colds by 70% and also reduced the number of days of the cold. It can help reduce LDL cholesterol. It has antioxidants. Some people use garlic supplements.



Who doesn’t like pineapple? I’ve recently seen some videos on twitter that shows someone peeling off the pineapple fruits in pieces from the whole pineapple. It looked really cool to see it taken apart that day. What would make it easier is the ripeness of the pineapple. Also it was suggested that maybe the each segment was loosened ahead of time by using a small knife to outline the segments.

The Victor crew found this video that shows three different ways to peel a pineapple.

We also found another video that talks about the health benefits of pineapple and pineapple juice. You can even use the outer rind to make juice!