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Cinnamon and metabolism

It was recently found that cinnamon and cinnamaldehyde, the essential oil that gives cinnamon its color and flavor, may have a link to boosting metabolism, thus weight loss.

In a study conducted by Metabolism, from the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute, it was found by Jun Wu, a researcher, that cinnamaldehyde improves metabolic health by acting on fat cells and inducing them to burn energy through thermogenesis. Fat cells store energy as lipids, and when it is cold or you need extra energy, this would cause the stored energy to turn to heat.

Further study needs to be done to see what will be the next steps and how much cinnamon is safe and effective for weight loss.

Did you know you can work yourself to death?

A woman from Japan, it was just revealed, died from working too much, it was just recently revealed. She logged 159 hours of overtime in one month before dying from heart failure. She was only 31 but only took 2 days off when she worked all these hours.

If you look at the numbers, in 4 weeks, most Americans work 160 hours. Now double that. Many Japanese workers even commit suicide due to overwork. They have a word, karoshi, for “death from overwork.”

The Prime Minister of Japan proposed a monthly cap of 100 hours overtime. Asians sleep an average of less than 6 1/2 hours each work night.

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DNA Dieting

You’ve heard of DNA testing to find your lineage. Now there are some diet plans you can get by testing your DNA and finding the best fit just for you, individually. The premise is that everybody and every body is different and their genes play a role in how food is metabolized, what kinds of foods you tend to eat, what health issues you may have. Let’s explore a couple of them.

Here is a story of someone who was tested and tried this plan. Not only are the foods planned but also the workouts. This will cost $289 for the DNA Analysis and 12-week plan

This one uses your saliva sample where it tests your DNA. You can be tested for diet and fitness, sports, or well-being. It will look at your carbohydrate response, saturated fat response, and lactose tolerance. Depending on the plan you choose, it will cost $199 or $299. Here is a story about someone who used this plan.

Cheat Days

So there was a new study done in Australia that concludes that having cheat days can help in weight loss. Now this is not a license to binge or overeat but quite contrary.

What they really are conveying is that it is better to stick to your strict diet for maybe two weeks and then for the next two weeks eat the things you want but keep within the calorie frame for maintaining your weight. For instance, if it’s determined that your maintenance calories are 2,000 per day you can go ahead and sustain that for two weeks and then go back to your 1,200 calorie per day dieting for two weeks.

After a while of dieting your body goes into “starvation” mode (the study called it ER or Energy Restriction) and by doing this, you may trick it into not doing that.


In the past, you may have purchased personal care products, such as toothpaste, face wash or scrub, or other exfoliating products that contain little plastic microbeads. As of last month, they have been banned in the United States. Microbeads were made of plastic particles mostly made of polyethylene. What the problem with them was, when they are washed down the drains, they are an environmental hazard for aquatic life in our waters. The Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015 was put in place to phase out production of microbeads by July 2017.

So when you want to keep your skin smooth, what do you use instead. The Victor crew found some natural alternatives. You can use plain old baking soda for one. Mix it with your regular cleanser to make a paste or mix it with some olive oil. You can used ground whole oats as well. There are products you can purchase that use ground almond shells, walnut shells, apricot shells, etc. If you are allergic to nuts, there are products with jojoba beads made from jojoba oil that are biodegradable. You can even try coffee grinds.

If you want a stronger scrub, you can try sugar which is a little coarser. You would only want to do a coarse exfoliation once a week.