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Beyond Meat

Ok. So just looking at the words “beyond meat” tells me it’s not really meat. So what is it? I saw some items in my Whole Foods App on sale under the label “Beyond Meat” this past week and curiosity got the better of me. I haven’t actually been to the store to check out what it is but found some info online.

Here is what the Victor crew found out:
The products are 100% plant-based protein from pea and soy.
It is also made without trans fats, cholesterol, gluten, dairy, or GMOs.
They form it in such a way it is supposed to have the texture and taste of meat.
It can be prepared the same as you would chicken or ground beef.
Some of the other ingredients include amaranth, soy and pea protein, soy and carrot fiber, canola oil.

Their products include The Beyond Burger, Beyond Sausage comes in Brat, Hot Italian, and Sweet Italian. They also make Beyond Chicken strips in Southwest Style, Grilled, or Lightly Seasoned. Lastly, they have Beyond Beef Crumble in Feisty or Beefy flavors to use in tacos, salads, “meat sauce” or wherever you want ground crumbles.

Fighting Obesity

If you are fighting being overweight, exercise alone is not the answer. There was a recent study by the American Diabetes Association done with mice. They had running wheels in their cages but they would lock them for several days at a time. What they found was interesting. When the wheels were locked, the mice roamed around the cage expending energy through walking around. When the wheels were then unlocked, they would run the wheel, but decreased expending their energy off the wheel.

Let’s equate that to us. When we exercise at a gym, on a treadmill, take a walk or however we get our spurts of exercise, do we tend to sit around more because we “got our exercise in” rather than keep the momentum going? Do we tend to eat more when we do more vigorous exercise thinking you can because you exercised? We may need to take a step back and look at what we are doing with exercise and eating regimen.

A new way to exercise

So there is nothing new about treadmills. And there is nothing new about VR, or virtual reality. Put the two together, and you do have something new. An Austin, TX company, Blue Goji, is using VR to make fitness more fun. It is called the Infinity Treadmill.

You will need to wear the safety belt while working out. You see, VR can cause motion sickness but the treadmill has you simulate movement, so they claim the motion sickness will not be as much. The disconnect between movement and just being in one place isn’t as much an issue since you are moving while doing it.

Don’t expect to add this to your home gym, however. The cost will be a hefty $12,000. It may be seen in the future at higher-end fitness centers or rehabilitation or physical therapy clinics. They expect it to be ready in 2019.

Why You May Not Want to Eat Out

Sometimes you want a break from cooking. Sometimes you want to be waited on for a change. Sometimes you just feel like going out for a meal. But there’s something you need to watch for that is causing problems. It is called pthalates. They are derived from pthalic acid – a crystalline acid that comes from benzene, a hydrocarbon found in coal tar and petroleum. These are found in many things such as toys, cosmetics, even our food. They are used to make plastics more flexible and durable. They are also found in shower curtains, vinyl flooring, air fresheners, plastic wraps and containers, medical tubing, nail polish, hair spray, fragrances.

It was found that people who eat out more had almost 35% higher levels of pthalates. These pthalates are anti-androgenic, meaning they disrupt male hormones. They are also linked to breast cancer.

Exposure to these harmful chemicals can be achieved by dining out less. Eat more fresh foods rather than processed or prepackaged foods. Look for labels that say DBP-free or Toxic Trio Free. Avoid plastics made from PVC or number 3 plastics. Use glass, metal or ceramic for food storage. Avoid vinyl home furnishings. Avoid fragrances and air fresheners.

The team that discovered this will next find out how these contaminates are getting into our food.

Grilling Meat Can Raise Blood Pressure

Cooking meat at high temps already gives a risk for cancer. Well, now you need to be aware it can raise blood pressure. It is cooking meats, red or white, at high temperatures that causes problems. Also, meats that are well done or charred increase risk. It was found that those with the higher blood pressure had grilled fifteen times per month or about every other day.

To avoid more carcinogens, here are some tips that may help.
Use leaner cuts of meat. Keep chicken refrigerated until ready to grill and cook thoroughly. Marinate in the refrigerator. User lower temperatures instead of a high flame. Keep your grill clean. Precook in the oven. Grill vegetables instead.

Tips to keep blood pressure from getting too high are to limit grilling to two or three times per week. Don’t char your meat. Limit red meat.