Daily Archives: May 23, 2019

Lighten up Your Holiday Fare

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. It doesn’t mean you have to forget the healthy eating. A few substitutions may help. Here are some ideas to help keep your holiday lower in calories.

Consider making it a 2-meal day. This way you don’t feel as guilty eating a little more than you normally do.

Try substituting turkey burgers for beef.

Make cole slaw with yogurt instead of mayo or heavy calorie laden dressings. Mix it up and use broccoli slaw instead. Yogurt Cole Slaw Recipe

Eat more vegetables. Consider grilling them too. You can also grill sweet potatoes in wedges.

Add a green salad.

Have fruit for dessert – consider grilling peaches or bananas.

Drink water or unsweetened tea.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday.