Daily Archives: August 9, 2018

Space Food is Great

So Astronaut Mike Massimino thinks space food is great. So he tells you what food is like. You tell the dieticians some of your favorites and they package it into rounded healthy meals for them. He talks about his favorite Italian foods. He also talks about bread being hard to have in space because of crumbs and it’s hard to keep it fresh. They would use tortillas because they are easier to use.

Some foods come ready to eat after they warm it. They thermo-stabilize the meals in individual packages. They need to be cut open carefully.

He actually gained weight while in space! The scientists were actually more happy with that because they had never seen that happen before. He liked most that it was easy to cook … he just had to put it in the oven and 10 minutes later it was heated.

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Watch this video the Victor crew found about it: